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Just touched down in Sydney Town...


Fasten you seatbelts, we are approaching our descent!! Thank god.....im not sure if it was the child who thought my leg was a football, or the fact I hadn’t slept for 24 hours, or maybe it was the after affects of abusing the free alcohol on the plane...but I was ready to descend. This is it I thought...collect our bags and away we go. One slight problem...my friend’s bag did not turn up! One by one the other passengers collected their luggage and made for the exit and not bore long, there was nothing left (well part from a buggy which kept going round and round and round and round ...u get the picture!). Never mind though, we were off the plane and in good spirits so managed to crack a smile and a few jokes and Rich’s expense. After a good while talking to a very unhelpful lady behind the lost baggage desk who just kept informing us that "your baggage must be lost" ...REALLY?! We decided to leave it to tomorrow and go meet our friend (who lives in Sydney) and discuss a plan of action! Its funny how a plan can soon change and in the short car rise to our hostel (the BIG Hostel) we had decided to get a quick shower and hit the harbour area for a few more drinks (the planes free bar was beginning to wear off).

All I can say about the Opera bar and the surrounding harbour area is WOW! Never in my life have I been so impressed with a city townscape. Supping on a nice cold magners and being a bit to snap happy with my camera I was in my element! We spent the night discussing our hopes for the trip, joking about our friends back in the UK toiling behind their desk at work (sorry Guys) while we where here in this magnificent arena! We had a connecting flight to cairns the following afternoon so just a few cheeky drinks were the idea! WRONG. We sort of got caught up in the atmosphere and surroundings. The magners kept on flowing. Gary (our Australian friend) had work in the morning and decided to call it a night. His last task of the night was to drive us to his favourite haut...the fringe bar! This place was packed and we had a good laugh with the locals and fellow travellers. We managed to blag our way into a private party downstairs which was fancy dress. Guys and girls dressed as smurfs, Austin powers etc...The usual. Was a really good night!

Upon Leaving in the early hours we saw the smurf guys in a "heated exchange" with a few local gius! Was something out of a film, they ran towards each other halfway across a street and started brawling!! I'm talking drop kicks, I’m talking head locks! Was carnage!! Then one of the "locals" casually strolled passed us to the co garage on the corner a, filled up plastic bottle with petrol, and with no word of a lie, soaked the smurf in it and tried to light him up! Leon turned to me and started singing the kings of Leon sex on fire song but replacing sex...with smurf!! Without knowing it we had found our travelling song! Thankfully it all came to nothing, the police soon turned up and we headed for the hostel...a little worse for wear but what a first night in aus! Happy days

Buzz...Buzz...Buzz. I awake to the vibrating alarm on my phone. My head is heavy, mouth feels and tastes like i have eaten nothing but onions for the past month (damm that kebab) and I feel a "tinge" dizzy every time i try to get down off the bunk bed! However, just outside, Sydney is coming to life. The streets are alive. high rise apartments and offices tower over us, the sunlight dances through the gaps in the building and I have nothing on the agenda all day apart form chilling on coogee beach and then sitting on a plane. BEST HANGOVER EVER! Our flight to cairns isn’t till 3pm so the morning is spent trying to body surf and hydrating my body....I’m sweating pure alcohol! Gary meets us again when hes on his lunch break and takes us for dinner on the beach front. He then drops us off at the airport (Gary is a legend - what would we do with out him!) where much to out relief Richs bag has turned up. Apparently it was left off the plane when we changed in Abu Dhabi. After killing some time we finally take our seats on the plane and as the plane plods along the runway the previous night’s heavy session takes its toll on me and I fall swiftly asleep!

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Uni Results

Well have got my results, have a 2:1 so it is now officaily full steam ahead!



No resists...NOTHING!! Have found a job as a delivery driver in the mean time to help raise some much needed funds. Tickets are now booked as well, January 12th we fly out to sydney! Good times. Have realized how much of a strict lifestlye im going to have to live on for the next 5 - 6 months! No more saturday night seshs!! oh well, least that may help get me a beach body lol!

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Decison Time


Hey, this is me.....Mike

and these guys are my mates who have decided to embark on a trip of a life time !!

This is Leon

and finally this is noons

Basically, i want to get away now!! Ive been thinking about it for a long long time but the timing was never right - college, work, uni etc! well i finish uni this year and me and my gf have decided (more like shes decided) that we no longer have a future and i realised if i dont go soon, i proberly never will! Much to the displeasure of my dad ("go and get a career"!!) Were planning to go to australia and new zeleand and have approx 3 months to do it in.

Anyways ive decided to start blogging now, im not going till january 2009 and my posts will not be that frequent until then but though id keep you all updated on the way, eg jobs, funds, decisions etc. Right now im in the library, trying to finish my essay on sports led regeneration! riviting stuff!

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